What our Clients Say

Dr Peter Ilori, High Wycombe

Dear Joy [Potential U], I appreciate the superior customer service you provided for my wife over her birthday weekend through your fantastic personal styling business. I was completely unaware of the scope of your services until I made the ‘urgent last-minute phone call’ seeking to book a unique shopping experience for my wife! You reassured me whilst taking time to explain the processes & nuances of ‘the better buying experience’ provided by your business. Your professionalism and ability to satisfy all our requirements exceeded my expectations. Please accept my compliments for your excellent service. Best regards, Dr Peter Ilori ”

Wendy, Stamford

I gave Joy a very specific brief, outlining what I want to achieve, my lifestyle and more. Joy addressed the challenge of bringing me up to date with sensitivity, care and creativity. The results are extraordinary and I feel like a new, vibrant, colourful, stylish and sexy version of my former self! Thank you!”

Lola, London

Joy styled me for a black-tie event I was due to attend. I am usually quite conservative in the way that I dress but to Joy’s delight, I told her I was willing to go for something a little less ‘safe’. Joy selected some beautiful pieces and the final selection was very flattering especially judging by the amount of compliments I received on the night! Thank you Joy.”

Martha, London

As always Joy picks out great clothes and I walked away spending too much because I just couldn’t say not to enough things! I also walked away with exactly what I needed. I don’t think you can do much better! ”

Katy, Geneva, Switzerland

This was my second shopping experience with Joy, and I really feel like she listened to my feedback on the first shopping experience and though hard about addressing my needs! I feel it is about investing in a relationship, with Joy getting to know me and me getting to know Joy. This time I got a great mix of pieces this time, a really comprehensive collection and almost in budget! I felt the mix of brands were great. Good quality high street with a combination of good workwear, and interesting pieces from Massimo Dutti. Now I just need to take the time to look at how my wardrobe works together, and how to accessorise. E.g. I wonder if a wide belt would help accessories high top wide leg trousers when I want to tuck in a blouse? (I have been wearing them with a blazer so far!). Thank you so much to Joy who clearly thought hard about how to address my complex wardrobe/lifestyle needs! I am very much looking forward to topping up in summer. ”

Jo, London

I really enjoyed the experience as I am so terrible at knowing what suits me and it felt fantastic to try things on that looked amazing without any of the stress of shopping. It also made me try things on that I would never have tried and taught me a lot about what styles and colours work well with my body shape and colouring. I did spend more than I’d planned to but not because Joy persuaded me to but because all the clothes were so nice it was hard to choose! Joy you are extremely good at what you do and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!”

Lisa, Surrey

Fantastic, it was great to understand my wardrobe more and be given advice on what works well for my body shape. It was a great experience, looking forward to the shopping trip. ”

Fiona, London

I thought you did a great job at determining what I would like and reflecting my personality and what I would like. I loved the variety of the clothes and that Joy had really listened to what I was looking for.”

Lola, London

I had a really good experience with Potential U given I had some complexities with my styling. I love every item picked and would certainly use the service again.”

Danusia, London

Joy not only listened to what I needed from that shopping but also took into account our previous session and prepared clothes in both size 10 and 12. That saved us time. I appreciated the help of Joy’s assistant on the day! Not only in terms of getting clothes from the shop but also giving her opinion. I felt a lot more at ease saying what I liked or disliked about the look or piece of clothing this time. I think we nailed my shopping list. Very happy! ”

Chloe, London

The colour analysis was super helpful and really gave me confidence in choosing brighter colours than I would normally wear and also in knowing what colours don’t suit me. The Body Shape Analysis was also useful in terms of knowing to look for outfits with more detail on the top and tops with more shape to them. It was great to be introduced to new colours and new brands of clothing. The clothes I tried on and bought were not colours or styles I would have necessarily picked out myself but I felt really good in them and am delighted with the new items in my wardrobe. I feel the experience has given me confidence in what to look for and what to wear that suits me. I had always imagined Personal Shopping was something for people with little time and lots of money, i.e. not me, but I’m so glad I had the experience as it taught me a lot about how to shop and dress better and I feel more confident as a result. Thank you! ”

Felicia, London

Joy did an amazing job, I felt like a new woman with the personal care and style she incorporated to really define my look. Everyone is still talking and commenting on some of my outfits she selected. Joy was really patient and attentive meeting to all my needs. She was very professional, selected things I wouldn’t have even looked at. Whilst on holiday I loved being the centre of attention each time I dressed up to go out. Thank you very much, I feel like a new woman!! ”

Zena, UAE

I have found Joy a real gem. She is incredibly personable, caters to your specific needs and takes into account your personality when choosing items for you. She encourages you to push the envelope on your current style and step out of your comfort zone whilst ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in the styles you will not usually pick. She is very professional and has been a God send at such a busy time for me. I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship and the best vote for Joy I have received has come from my fiancé who has a thumbs up for all the outfits she has helped me pick. Thanks a million, and I can't wait for my Autumn/winter shop. ”

Anna, New Forest

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say what a life changing moment it was when I met you sat on the floor in Selfridges!

Pretty much everything I have bought has received compliments and nothing, nothing at all, is languishing in the wardrobe unworn. In fact, I have no idea what to wear tomorrow as I love all my outfits so much I want to wear them all.

When I think of all the money I have wasted over the years in unworn clothes and time spent in changing rooms desperately trying to find something to wear. I reckon I have actually spent less this year on clothes than previous years!

Thank you for giving me back all the hours I used to waste on hopeless shopping trips. I not only have a streamlined and beautiful wardrobe, there are now shopping trips I look forward to and actually see as treats rather than chores. ”

Chi, Lagos, Nigeria

Potential U was awesome. I thought Joy was very professional, enthusiastic, and careful with the client and paid a lot of attention to detail. I also thought she was patient and a good listener, which is important in her role and to help me get comfortable as a client in her space. Will definitely use her again and will be recommending Potential U to others. ”

Emma, Watford

It was great because it saved me time and money. Without the help of Potential U I would have spent too much time trying to find the right clothes and then would have made mistakes. I’m so happy with all my purchases and have received so many compliments.

I now feel more confident in what to select for my shape and think it was such value for money in the long term. ”

Victoria, London

Excellent! I now have a wardrobe of clothes I can actually wear. It was very cathartic and feel inspired to ONLY purchase items which suit me, and I know what I have too many of, so will avoid impulse purchases! I really believe this will save me money in the long run! ”

Kike, China, Asia

I was pleased to learn what colours and styles suit my body shape and height, and agree with most. My consultant (Joy) was confident in her expertise and absolute in her advice and assessments, which inspired my trust. I enjoyed detoxing my excessive wardrobe and was happy and relieved to put my refined and reduced clothes and shoes back in place! I'm excited about my imminent Personal Shopping for my capsule wardrobe. ”

Honey, Surrey, England

I found the body shape analysis was very informative! It gave me tips on how to dress for my body type which will allow me to pick clothes that suit me better. I had a lot of fun trying on all the clothes, and was extremely happy to come away with so much. I usually find it hard to find clothes that fit, and Potential U found things I would’ve never considered and now love. ”

Helen, London

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Potential U. I had been apprehensive about the outcome and how I would feel but Joy made me feel confident about the clothes and my style.

She managed to pick pieces that completely fit my idea of how I wanted to eventually look, but had no idea how to get there, and I was amazed by the fact that all the pieces fit! No more dressing room hell!

Her manner was extremely professional, attentive and reassuring. The Colour Analysis was particularly interesting and I could see made an immediate difference to how I looked. Having this knowledge and tools will certainly play a significant role in future shopping. Also, a greater knowledge of the fit and shape of clothes which suit me.

The Personal Shopping area also enhanced the experience and made it far more pleasurable.

My overall experience was extremely positive and has made me feel more empowered about my style and more confident about pulling it off! And I love the clothes! Thank you ”

Alex, London

Doing something for 'me' has been invaluable! In the past I did think carefully about what to wear for special occasions, but never put much thought into what I wore on a day to day basis. I now realise what you wear really makes a difference to your self-esteem and mood. I am NOT saving my nicer clothes for 'best' I am wearing nice clothes all the time – and I love it! Thanks to Potential U! ”

Amanda, London

Potential U makes shopping so easy! I usually don’t have the time or patience to buy clothes. Joy at Potential U knows exactly what will fit me and what will suit me. She also brings out items I would normally not dare to pick out and I absolutely love them! ”

Jackie, London

I have colour in my wardrobe at last and what a difference. So many compliments too! I somehow was always drawn to dark colours (safe) but now I see a bright colour and I am not drawn in that direction. Joy was brilliant and showed me that you don’t need to lot of clothes you just need to know how to mix and match (something I was afraid of). ”

Kate, Surrey

Joy is such a delightful person to meet, let alone receive such valuable advice from. Now I know what colours and clothing shapes suit me my shopping will be much more focussed, which in turn will save me money, instead of those "impulse buys". With some careful shopping and wardrobe clearing I aim to no longer suffer the dread of opening my wardrobe and hating everything in it! ”

Mena, Surrey

I had Colour Analysis and was shocked to find that my favourite colours were too pale for me. Then I had a Wardrobe Detox. It was a painful experience to see my favourite outfits condemned. But going shopping with my stylist was a wonderful eye opening experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was fun to rediscover myself and look so good without having to lose weight. My husband is ever so grateful for the transformation and he did not mind me spending so much on my wardrobe change. I now get a lot of comments on how lovely and bright I look. My new outfits have taken years off me. I guess working with a stylist who is so trendy and fashionable herself made a whole world of difference. You can be she knows what she is talking about and I wish I had done this earlier. The whole experience has motivated me to take care of myself more. I look forward to dressing up every day. I do not need a lot of clothes just clothes that fit my profile. Thanks Joy you are simply the best. Love Mena. ”

Edith, Kent

Having just had my baby I didn't have the energy or time to go shopping. So I gave Joy some money to do some Personal Shopping for me without being specific about my requirements. To my surprise every single item she purchased for me fit perfectly and was beautiful. It was as if she knew exactly what I needed. Several weeks later I had a family do to attend and wore one of the items Joy purchased for me. I felt so happy and confident as I looked and felt great! From that day on I made a conscious decision to ask Joy to always shop for me because I love beautiful clothes and looking good, however with 5 children, a husband, my job and studying part time, I simply don't have the time or energy to shop
for myself. ”

Natalie, London

I recently received a promotion at work and desperately needed help with upgrading my work wardrobe. Joy agreed to help me, so we went shopping in the west-end at the end of the January sales.

My budget was limited, so we found some great bargains and Joy tirelessly went with me from shop to shop, while providing advice and tips on size, style, cut, fabric and colour.

The result is that I got some great new outfits that really suited my personality.

If you need a new look, or just some good company and great advice on a shopping spree, Joy is
your girl! ”

Susannah, London

I selected the half day Personal Shopping package as I wanted a new work wardrobe that was stylish and professional. I couldn't believe the results. It was amazing! It is no exaggeration to say that it has been a life-changing experience. Shopping with Joy has totally transformed the way I think about clothes and what I can wear. It has also changed the way I think about myself. I feel so much more confident about the way I look and I feel absolutely fabulous in the clothes that Joy selected. I also feel like a whole new world of possibilities has opened up to me in terms of what I can wear. It is wonderful to be able to wear the kind of clothes that I have always really liked but I never thought suited me. What is great is that you can learn a lot from Joy - such as how to maximise your wardrobe by matching different pieces and using accessories. I have also learnt that if you select clothes well you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money to achieve great results. My husband was also delighted - he was completely blown away! It's brilliant to see the reaction of people who know you well be absolutely gobsmacked at the way you look. I can't wait to start my new job and impress in my fantastic outfits! I am saving up for my next shopping trip - this time for a casual wardrobe. I would definitely recommend this service. I have never felt so excited about getting dressed in the morning! ”

Kate, London

Joy is a very talented Personal Stylist! All the items she chose for me flatter my shape and highlight my best features. I have received nothing but compliments since I purchased my new wardrobe. Every woman needs to spend at least one afternoon with Joy to discover their own unique style; she definitely made this woman very happy. ”

Joanna, London

Wonderful - what more can I say - Joy totally got my style and took me to shops I had never been to before! Most importantly was the end price tag, which did not end up blowing the budget and means I can afford more Personal Shopping come the autumn! Thank you. ”

Nicola, London

Joy is extremely professional, experienced and knowledgeable. She is also very friendly and most importantly very diplomatic! She helped me to realise that some clothes were simply never going to look good on me, and it was time for them to go to better homes (or the bin!). The Colour Analysis was really interesting - and I discovered several new colours and combinations I hadn't considered before. The Wardrobe Detox, is a very thorough process - but so necessary! I now have a much more co-ordinated, wearable wardrobe - and have a list of items which I need to buy to make my wardrobe complete. I think she has also saved me from making future disastrous purchases - which is always a good thing for the bank balance! ”

Zoe, Kent

It is a common assumption that as women we should all have huge amounts of style and that we are all serial shoppers. I really dislike shopping for clothes and I think that was reflected in my personal style - jeans and a t-shirt. I wanted to look stylish and chic but just didn't know how to put clothes together. I would walk into a shop like Zara and walk straight out as I felt overwhelmed and old! Joy has completely transformed my wardrobe and taught me how to shop for clothes which suit me AND how to put different looks together. Joy is extremely professional and really does listen to your specific requirements. If you want to stop wasting money on clothes and build a fabulous wardrobe regardless of your budget I highly recommend you book Joy. ”

Yana, London

Joy was excellent in her approach to her work, pre shopping and being in touch with my needs for styling that was relevant to my personal style and the event I needed to attend. Joy was patient, encouraging and has a level of integrity that made me feel comfortable and at ease with my shopping experience. I would definitely ask Joy to style me again and will refer her services to others. She makes it look easy but for the first time, I wore the highest shoes ever that were so comfortable, this took skill knowledge and a driven passion to want to see someone look good and feel great. Thank you so much Joy. Yana Johnson MBE styled for my Investiture at Buckingham Palace. ”

Linda, Middlesex

Joy was very experienced and after working out my shape and which styles suited me best she set about detoxing my wardrobe. It's quite a personal thing and as long as you can let go of those old things your attached to you start to feel less cluttered and although left with a smaller wardrobe they are clothes that actually work together. I really enjoyed my Personal Shopping trip and I found the experience has given me the confidence to shop for myself. I would not have chosen the clothing Joy found and was delighted when trying on different outfits to find they all looked good. Joy also found some really good bargains so I did not have to spend a fortune. I would definitely recommend and use this
service again. ”

Barbra, Watford

The feedback given by the group of women about Joy's presentation was fantastic. She was very professional in her approach. She answered all questions given to her in a polite and positive manner. She made all the ladies feel important. The atmosphere was very relaxed and she made everyone feel at ease. I would recommend her to anyone. She was lovely and knew what she was talking about. I was extremely happy with her and I made the right decision to have her come along and present to our group of ladies who came from diverse cultural backgrounds. Thank you Joy! I know that some of the women are planning to have her come to their homes in the not too distant future. ”

Deidre, Guildford

I was somewhat apprehensive about having a make-over because I felt it was an extravagant and self-indulgent thing to do, but I needn't have worried! Joy was kind, gentle and positive as she detoxed my wardrobe and explained what WOULD suit me. With a smaller wardrobe and some exciting new outfits, I now have the confidence to open my wardrobe and put together an outfit for any occasion, secure that I am wearing the right colours and shapes. ”

Lisa, London

I really enjoyed my experience with Joy at Potential U. The initial Wardrobe Detox was fun but a little bit difficult saying goodbye to old clothes. The Personal Shopping we did to replace the items was terrific. Joy is very professional and treats each lady as an individual making them feel special picking clothes that suit that body shape. I love all my new clothes and look. I now know the difference between colours and styles which work for me and making the most of my appearance. I feel very happy and confident with my new clothes. They fit like a glove. ”

Lucia, Middlesex

Joy, Thank you so much for my Personal Shopping Experience. I was very impressed with the amount of pre preparation work and effort you put into ensuring the clothes you chose for me were suitable. I am so happy when I go to my new wardrobe now to find I have a choice of so many items I feel good in and not just a few as before. It certainly has boosted my confidence and feed back so far is very positive. Thank you so much again it is a pleasure working with you. Here's to a new summer wardrobe!! ”

Susan, Kent

I was at a women's programme where Joy was invited to participate. After her presentation I knew she was the way forward for me, a consultancy that will not just talk me through the theory of what I needed but give the added advantage of doing the shopping with and for me. On the appointed day we went through my wardrobe, she took my measurements and gave an exposition on the colour and style of cloths that would fit my body shape. We then went shopping at the Lakeside shopping centre where Joy tirelessly introduced me to different shops and styles of clothes. The result was a new wardrobe for work, outings, evening and casual wear. These days anywhere I go, people commend my outfit and foot ware. I previously shied away from wearing clothes that revealed my arms and legs. After my experience with Joy that has all changed. If you are hopeless with style and need a new look Joy is the
best for you! ”

Liseli, London

Great presenter! Well organised and very professional. Useful tips. Eye opener, all round dressing for your body type. Practical and easy to apply tools and techniques. Money well spent. ”

Lynn, Surrey

Joy, it was a pleasure as always. I am delighted with my new clothes and am sorry I didn't think to mention that I am allergic to wool! Would have helped! Thanks to your advice I am able to buy clothes now which I know will suit me and I buy when I see them, rather than waiting for them to come in. It was fantastic having you do the shopping as my life is so hectic at the moment and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone. Many thanks. X ”

Lucia, Middlesex

Hello Joy I've been thinking of you over the weekend and wanted to let you know that I've been getting sooooooo many compliments at work.

Things like:

You always look nice

You are the best dressed in the office

I love your dress your suit your coat your shoes etc etc

It makes me feel so good... I truly feel like my Potential is now at its ultimate
thanks to you. ”

Monica, London

Let me first of all say, that I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with us last Saturday - it was an awesome day which we are still talking about.

Secondly, I also want to add that you have left such a great impact on our women: if you had been at our church on Sunday morning, everyone was saying to each other "Look I'm not wearing black today, I'm co-ordinated and wearing a bright colour" - we were all laughing with each other - it was really a
sight to behold. ”

Polly, London

I was apprehensive at first about having an 'Image Makeovers'. I haven't worn a dress in over 3 years as I was terrified of being too girly! Joy reassured me she'd know what suited me - and she was spot on! She instinctively understood what I didn't want to expose; too much of my legs and knees. She knew how to make the most of my good assets such as my shoulders and arms. The green colour was perfect; I love forest green it's so natural! My hair was AMAZING; I always thought curly hair would make my round face bigger but it actually softened it. I also thought gold eye shadow only suited darker skins tones but it looked lovely! All in all, I hit the jackpot with my makeover! ”

Lynn, Surrey

I am absolutely delighted with the service that Joy provides. I felt I just needed a bit of an update with the way I looked and Joy hit the nail on the head completely. I feel more confident, put my outfits together in a slightly different way and feel so much more like the real me. It's amazing what a difference it has made. Also, Joy went Personal Shopping for me and I now have items in my wardrobe which I would never have picked myself. She was full of ideas and tips and I feel more confident about going shopping for myself now too. I will definitely be using her service for my autumn/winter wardrobe! Thank you very much!' ”

Stella, London

I chose the Image Makeover service because I wanted to revamp my image. I was getting tired of my old look and I needed a confidence boost. I am very glad that I have had this service because it does exactly what it says and I feel more confident in myself. Joy really put me at ease and her attention to detail is very good. I would highly recommend this service. ”

Rosemarie, Henley

Joy has spent 3 days Personal Shopping with me and has been to my home twice. At times it feels as if you are shopping with a girl friend as Joy is very at ease with her clients. I do not waste money on clothes I will not wear. I have lots of colour and outfits which suit my figure. It has been a great investment for me and given me more confidence going forward. ”

Fiona, Surrey

What a fabulous afternoon I spent with Joy; she did my colours and did a Wardrobe Detox, I was ready to change and so I have only a few clothes left so I need to go shopping with joy, I can't wait. ”

Yvonne, Middlesex

I was very happy with the service provided and enjoyed the experience. It has given me confidence to choose the right items to complete my wardrobe and I am very grateful to Joy for her expertise. ”

Sarah, London

I get bored of shopping so I loved the fact that Joy did all the pre-shopping for me. I also have just recently moved to London and did not really know which shops I should go to get good value for money without compromising on quality. Joy showed me the way! ”

Karen, London

Joy Odunsi from Potential U provided me with a Wardrobe Detox and Colour Analysis. Both services were extremely useful enhancing my approach to shopping, suitable clothing and wearing colours that compliment me. Joy's guidance and knowledge of personal styling was a very worthwhile investment in myself which I would recommend. ”

Beverly, Surrey

As it was my first time in using such a service, I was a bit apprehensive, but the way in which I was looked after made me feel comfortable. I certainly learnt a lot about shopping and getting the right clothes for my body shape. ”

Gina, Surrey

As someone who did not experiment much with make-up, I was pleasantly surprised with the results when Joy applied my make-up for a friend's wedding. I now feel comfortable in trying different colours and applying my own make-up.

I would definitely recommend Joy's services to release your potential. Thanks Joy'. ”

Deborah, Kent

Dear Joy, Thank you for the Colour Analysis session a couple of weeks ago. I always thought I had to avoid certain colours but now I know it's the shade of colour that matter not the colour itself. I now have the perfect excuse to shops for lots of new clothes 'in my colours'. Very insightful experience! ”
I certainly feel that an adult woman has a right to determine what happens to her life and body. ”
Calvin Klein